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Cyclone3.org is official site for Open Source Cyclone3 community project. Cyclone3.org provides relevant information about Cyclone3 and all related projects. All information is freely accessible and free to edit by everyone. Site content is constantly in development and some essential documentation parts are still missing. (can you help?.).

Visitors are allowed to post comments to every topic. Developers and authorized users with access to subversion repository can than include relevant comments directly to the articles. Most documentation is directly generated by Cyclone3 from its subversion repository so the site is always up to date. To documentation we are using POD and DocBook standards.

What is a Cyclone3?

Cyclone3 is extremely flexible open source framework designed for development of content management systems and custom applications developed for commercial purposes for almost 7 years history.

Cyclone3 Framework uses Perl as its main development language because of its high productivity. For data storage purposes it relies on MySQL. Cyclone3 XULadmin is the first open source content management system using the Mozilla Application Framework - and provides modern administration GUI powered by XUL, JavaScript, AJAX. It has the look and feel of desktop application but works as any other web page. It is truly a "Web 2.0" technology. There is a demonstration video and some screenshots available.

Development strictly follows and uses many standards (DocBook, SOAP), but it also propagates new ones (OpenDocument, XUL, AJAX).

Cyclone3 Framework (server) is currently supported only at POSIX operating systems (GNU/Linux, *BSD, ...), Cyclone3 XULadmin (client) runs on any operating system with Mozilla Firefox installed (Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS, ...).

Cyclone3 coupled with some extensions and pluggable applications provides following solutions (not every feature is included in source):

  • Content Management System/Framework (XHTML, WML, XUL)

    Cyclone3 provides standard CMS features out of the box ready to be used right after standard installation.

  • Document Management System (DocBook, ISO OpenDocument, WebDAV)

  • Web Services (SOAP, XML-RPC)

  • Other Services (RSS, RDF)

  • Interactive Intra net Systems (Web, XUL)

  • Integration and coupling with third party information systems (ERP)

What is part of the Cyclone3 project?

Cyclone3 currently supports following projects:

  • Cyclone3 Framework

    Software infrastructure, utilities and standards for development information systems. It implements and provides unified standards to developed applications.

    Read more

  • Cyclone3 XULadmin

    Cyclone3 XULadmin is the revolution in open source content management systems. It is application not only with the look and feel of desktop applications, but it's a web desktop application. Administrative CMS GUI as never been this easy.

    Cyclone3 XULadmin is based on modern Web 2.0 technologies.

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  • Applications

    Read more

  • Extensions

    Read more

Who maintained Cyclone3?

Cyclone3 development started as a commercial CMS product named Tomahawk developed by Slovak WebCom company in early 2000. During the time Cyclone3 changed its character from a CMS system to an application framework. In 2006 development of Cyclone3 has been passed to the Comsultia company which decided to change the model to open source development.

Both WebCom and Comsultia are contributing to the development of Cyclone3 and use it in their commercial solutions. You can use Cyclone3 for commercial purposes too!

Cyclone3.org is a community o developers interested in Cyclone3 development. This includes payed developers and independent developers. Comsultia provides free hosting and support for all contributors.

Learn more about history or why is Cyclone3 open-source.

What is so special about Cyclone3?

  • Full Unicode Support (database, publishing, configuration)

  • Support standards XHTML, WML, OpenDocument, DocBook, SVG...

  • Multi-Lingual

  • Multi-Design (skinable designs)

  • Multi-content-type (document-type) publisher.

  • Multi-engine framework (export, publisher, admin, job scheduler, ...)

  • Cascading architecture (domains are hierarchically arranged and configured)

  • One installation for multiple domains

  • Search Engine optimized publisher (url rewrite, automatic redirects, ...)

  • Separation of design, logic and content.

  • Problem solving - automatic reporting, logs, debug mode and profiling.

  • Designed for high reliability and availability and cluster server environments.

  • Performance (perl, mod_fastcgi, memcached)

  • Strong statistics subsystem. (SVGraph)

  • Multi database support (Oracle, PostgreSQL, ODBC, ...).

Learn more about Cyclone3 features or Is Cyclone3 a solution for you ?

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