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List of key features

  • Full Unicode support (database, publishing, configuration).
  • Multi-template publisher (skinnable designs)
  • Multi-content-type (document-type) publisher.
  • Cascade architecture ( global, semi-global, master, local )
Solutions based on backends often provide a client-side frontend (eg. Web, e-mail, GUI) for remote applications which are based on our framework.
  • Relations between various aplications.
  • Special development mode which enables to preview content in development.
  • One instalation can offer as many services as required.
  • Every development project is fully source revisioned (including web pages).
Safe development of services (web pages) with subversion.
  • Search Engine optimized publisher ( full support for rewrite, automatic redirect to new content)
  • Easy to develop new services
Standardized application database structure and application API
  • Modular design, logic and content is separated from design.
  • Problem solving - automatic reporting, debugging, profiling,.
  • Designed for HighAvailability and support for multiple domains.
  • Robust statistics subsystem. ( SVG graphs )
  • Can connect to various database backends.

If published informations are not helpfull, something is missing or wrong, please report. Thanx for contribution.

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User Comments

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-15 21:06:50
Any Chance of PostgreSQL support?