History of Cyclone3

2001 - Tomahawk

In 2001 WebCom company decided to develop a custom CMS system to ease and standardize development of very simple web portals. The resulting product was named Tomahawk and aside from few good design ideas it did not feature any distinguishing features when compared to any other CMS at that time.

2002-2003 - Cyclone2 and IEadmin

Many web portals later clients requested more additional features so WebCom decided to start a rewrite development of the former system and renamed the project from Tomahawk to Cyclone2. The resulting system was modular, flexible and more importantly it featured an administration GUI named Cyclone administrator which the developers referred to as IEadmin (as it worked on Internet Explorer only). The graphical interface followed a desktop metaphor and proved to be flexible and easy to work with for most users.

During these years Cyclone was facing a challenge - WebCom was selected to build a TV portal for www.markiza.sk, a.s. which is a company managing web activities for the biggest Slovak commercial TV Markiza.

2004-2005 - Cyclone3

TV Markíza project has driven the development of new version Cyclone. While the framework and Cyclone features have grown more mature it still relied on the aging IEadmin for administration. Cyclone2 became what is now Cyclone3 and has gained modularity, performance, stability a has support for cluster server environments. It generated more than a million fully dynamic pages a day on two generic webservers.

Cyclone3 featured:
  • multiple domains per one installation

  • inter-domain data sharing - one domain used data from other

  • load-balancing on more application servers

  • performance monitoring and DOS protection

  • exact statistical summaries

  • multiple web document types - HTML/XHTML/WML

  • scheduled tasks (cron system)

  • automatic error and warning reporting

2006 - Cyclone3 XULadmin

Cyclone3 was slowly becoming an application server but its content management features were still developed. The old IEadmin was hindering development and its maintenance was too expensive. IEadmin was abandoned in favor of future development. Cyclone3 was now standalone application server without GUI and was therefore referred to as Cyclone3 Framework. Development on a new Cyclone3 XULadmin GUI has started as a related project to fill a gap left behind IEadmin.

By the end of the year both Cyclone3 Framework and a first prototype of the new Cyclone3 XUL admin were available. WebCom decided to start a fellow company Comsultia which will take on development of Cyclone3 and other open source development activities (docbook2odf, SVGraph,... )


Comsultia is now under full control of Cyclone3 development and decides to change the development model from closed source to open-source. This brings many advantages to the future development of the project such as better integration with GPL software, community development and support from related open projects. Cyclone3 sources are now available under the GPLv2 licence and Cyclone3.org is founded.

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