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Published 2008-10-17 in Press by jondrusek

What Cyclone3 is

We developed our own CMS (Content Management System) back in 1999. Since then interest has been growing in use of CMSs for both large and small businesses. Thanks to Cyclone3 we have been able to produce on-line project for our clients who now use it to managing their portals. The sites vary in size - from small about 20-page sites to multilingual sites with thousands of pages and millions of multimedia items.

Cyclone3 is a feature-rich web application framework with management tools without being difficult to use. It is the perfect web-partner for businesses which wish to have an effective web presence, keeping their customers up to date. The search engine friendliness of the code used in the CMS is also worth attention with many of our sites receive many hundreds of visits a day.

What this is All About

Over the coming month we are planning to create partnerships with organizations and individuals, in promoting and marketing our CMS, web development (web design, HTML, CSS, Flash) and  XUL/PERL development (perl library, XUL, JavaScript).

So why are we publishing this notice? Can't you just download the source code, just like any other open-source project and play? Of course you can! This is about proactive support, we encourage you to download and run Cyclone3, we can build you a blog on Cyclone3, host your open-source project or even support you if you decide to join the project.

How can I Benefit? What do I Get?

As it was already stated: You get more than source code. You can get get tutoring from the authors, on-line help, web hosting, presentation on the project web-site, a blog, cross-site links to your project page, publicity, expertise and new business options, if you decide to sub-contract Cyclone3-based projects.

Partnership forms

There are several forms of partnership and both formal and informal cooperation. Do not feel bound by the groups below. They serve solely the purpose of orientation.

Open-Source Projects

Other open-source projects are welcome to join. We can assist you in building your web on Cyclone3 Framework and host it on our servers. There will also be a chance for sponsorship if your project has something to contribute to Cyclone3.


You might be interested in combining your solutions with Cyclone3 or promoting it to your customers? We have some interesting deals for you.

Independent  Developers

Are you a Perl or a XUL coder? A Cyclone3 enthusiast?   We can show you how to develop your site in Cyclone3, host it on our servers, host your blog or your personal web page. We can also offer paid jobs, assistance and guidance if you decide to take on specific features.

Get more Info and Contact us

People & networking

On IRC, there is a channel #cyclone3 at where you can talk to the hard-core developers.

Development mailing lists cyclone-3-internals and cyclone-3-devel.

There is a company, Comsultia, which builds web sites and large-scale projects on the Cyclone3 Framework.

Check out interesting people and organizations who already have Cyclone-3 based solutions.

Source code & Documentation

Get sources of the Framework and User Interface.

Browse the Wiki for more info, howtos and documentation

Check the Documentation section, which is being merged into the Wiki.

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