2010 Autumn Release in a couple of days

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New month brings new release, Cyclone3 for September 2010, you can expect it soon. Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard on adding functionality and fixing bugs. Lots of exciting features announced in previous release have been introduced and currently worked on.


  • Drag&Drop has been improved!

    You can drag documents (docbook, ODF), vCards, images, videos and other files directly to categories in content tree to initiate upload. There is also content tree dragover item highlight, so that you know, where exactly your content will be dropped. Drag&drop is enabled for more items and you can also drag&drop items between XULAdmin windows.

  • Product modifications management

    If you run an eshop, this is great news. Product modifications listing is now available in the 'Stock' tab in the Product Edit dialog. This way, you will easily see and create product modifications in one place.

  • Upload Manager

    Remember uploading many files to XULadmin? Remember awful number of windows this process had created? We have completely revised uploading of files, they are now handled by Upload Manager, not very different from standard Download Manager in Firefox itself. All uploads are now grouped into one simple window, where it is clearly visible, which files are being uploaded. A good sideeffect is, that canceling an upload becomes much more simple.

  • Locations

    Edit windows show a 'Location' tab, which displays all locations (symlinks) of particular entity. This allows you to see, where you linked your article, image, etc.

  • Multilanguage text editing

    Articles, Events and Organizations now enable you to edit content in single window for all configured languages. This speeds up your work, because it is not necessary to change the main XULadmin language many times to edit single article.

  • Rectangular Selection

    Rectangular selection is a feature you may know from your system file manager. Just drag&drop a rectangle over thumbnails in image or video listing and they get selected, nice, isn't it? It is a faster and more reliable way for creating custom selection of multiple items than good old Ctrl+click.

  • Event attendees

    Do you want to restrict attendees to event? A list of attendees for event is now available in the Event edit dialog.

  • vCard and selective exports

    Selective exports have seen revision and now work as you would expect. vCard exports and imports are ready - you can export contacts and users in this format and then use vCard file in your favourite mail app or vice versa.

  • Reload notification

    XULadmin now lets you now, if there is loading in progress. When a tree is being reloaded, the column picker icon shows loading state.

  • Video multiauthoring - multiple authors to a video.

  • Category select windows now offer a language switch.

  • Many minor UI glitches have been fixed.

What to expect in the following releases?

A few more features are currently being worked on. They haven't been added because we think only the rock solid features should be released.

  • Windows server and MS SQL as backend

    Cyclone3 framework is currently able to run on Windows servers with minor issues to resolved. We are currently working on a stable port using Microsoft SQL server as its database, but it still requires a lot of work.

  • Polls and forms editing

    We would like to incorporate forms editing into the HTML editor. We are still discussing about the ways to do this.

  • Improved HTMLeditor and Image editor

    We would like to make HTMLeditor more friendly to your workflow and user experience. Also we plan to reimplement Image editor, to bring advanced features like image crop, image rotation and possible image effects.

If you are interested in testing development versions of Cyclone3 XULadmin, you can check out our nightly builds.

The link to install the Cyclone3 XULadmin nightly build. (Warning: these are development snapshots. They contain the latest changes, but may incorporate severe known issues, including crashes. They may not work at all. Do not use this for production purposes)

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