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Since 1991 American company Alexander & Hamilton, Inc., Louisiana, has been concentrating on administration of American and foreign financial claims of  their clients and on the another financial services.

American client recquired solid and secure systems which would enable the company to control processes and activities at any moment and from any place on the globe. Main goal was to start testing processes in 2 months time schedule.


Succesful project realization lead to easier interactivity with the American financial company Alexander & Hamilton. We have carried out two intra-extranet portal projects which provide communication ways within the company and either with clients and partners. Project  is the result of succesful cooperation between WebCom experts and American authorities. 


The whole communication with Alhamco company has been realized in easy way solely by internet voip technology (phone calls via internet), conference calls  and email communication, It was obvious that WebCom is fully prepared for succesful and effective realization of difficult projects without nedd for personal contact and meetings.

Alexander & Hamilton, Inc. about cooperation with WebCom:

WebCom s.r.o. exceeded our expectations and came up with innovative, user friendly and transparent way of communication with our clients. This application eventuated into great satisfaction of our clients. Thanks to WebCom, s.r.o., our company is perceived as a leader in scopes for providing  wide reporting services to small and medium companies as well as to huge corporations.“ Bora Ozkan, Sr. Corporate Consultant.

In a form of virtual office consultations, company Webcom provided us support for our complex sharing information system, whole time during developement: from the begining via configuration and design to final implementation of the system, that can be now proudly presented to our clients with different levels of IT knowledge. Virtual conferences and communication without the necessity to meet personally did not prevent WebCom from realizing the entire application and have provided to easily intercorporate any suggested modifications. This commonly agreed form of cooperation minimalized any financial charges and eliminated any possible inconvenience originating from cooperation of IT specialist from different continents." Troy Crovetto, Chief Information Officer

Services rendered  (Cyclone3)

  • Concept layout, project
  • Production
  • Design layout od application
  • Interface
  • Functionality layout
  • Database structure layout
  • Processes automatization
  • Modules and applications
  • Developemet

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