Autumn news, maps and firefox version inflation

Published 2011-11-20 in News by jondrusek

Like every year, autumn has brought new features. In this article: Newsletter management, partners for events, replace user avatars and thumbnails more easily, pick geographic locations using Google Maps and how is firefox versioning inflation going to affect XUL CMS?

Newsletter management

Users can now control newsletter sending! Just organize contacts in a special group dedicated for newsletter recipients and

Change avatars and pick location from a map

Changing an avatar of a user / contact and an organization / event thumbnail has now been unified into a single GUI widget. A rich thumbnail picker enables users to upload a new thumbnail, replace it or remove it.

Event partners

Until now, users of Cyclone3 had various options how the they could attach users or contacts to an event. Event organizers (both single users and organizations), event attendees or manually make a160 relation or an a301 ACL property.

In practice, when publishing events, editors often only need to add a couple of partners or sponsors to an event and display their logos in an arbitrary order. This is what event partners have been created for. Editors can pick from a list of partnership levels and prioritize individual partners.

Firefox versioning inflation

The Firefox team have decided to change major version number of Firefox more often. This has created some additional hurdles for extensions, such as XUL CMS. Now we need to watch Firefox releases more closely especially now that they are happening in the background. Despite the increasing version numbers, Cyclone3 is kept up-to-date to ensure compatibility with the newest Firefox releases.

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