XULAdmin under Intensive Development!

Published 2008-06-16 in Development by

A new version of the graphical user interface program - XULAdmin is under heavy development. Usability, stability, flexibility and  editing effectiveness are the new goals.  Recent and planned changes will make XULAdmin useful in different enviroments. These features, however, will not prevent it from playing its primary role - a multifunctional web publishing software.

The latest changes available in the svn repository

  • editing and browsing categorsies in separate tabs or new windows
  • advanced user rights & accounts management, access control lists
  • improved localization support
  • several minor improvements and fixes
  • drag&drop capabilities
  • communication based on the standardized SOAP protocol
  • automatic various image formats generation (e.g. thumbnails, low quality, high quality,...)
  • simultaneous upload of multiple pictures
  • video management and basic editing

Firefox 3 & Current development issues

With the release of Firefox version 3 there are several changes which influence the XULAdmin program. Is likely that SOAP support will not be included in Firefox 3, so the highest priority is to implement a wrapper so that XULAdmin will  be able to run in it. Other feautures which are being worked on include:

  • improved multilingual support
  • context help - possiblity of user-generated content
  • text auto-completion
  • spell-checking capabilities
  • visually pleasing toolbar panel in the html editor
  • upload progress bar, especially for video

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