Firefox3 has been released!

Published 2008-06-23 in Development by

On June 17th the first stable version of Mozilla Firefox 3 was released. New XUL capabilities were added but some of them were removed as well. We are working on compatibility issues so that XULAdmin is firefox-3-ready as soon as possible.

Current issues and to-do list

SOAP support has been dropped

We regret to see that SOAP support was dropped entirely in Firefox 3. As an industry standard it is used in XULAdmin to communicate with the XML-RPC backend. The workaround will probably be using one of the existing soap libraries or writing a new one.

Secure updates

Firefox 3 requires updates over encrypted channels so we will have to provide HTTPS download links. Currently XULAdmin updates via HTTP.

New possibilites and opportunites

New elements

Several new XUL elements have been added, such as datepicker and timepicker, which will probably be used.


Firefox 3 finally implements multiple plural forms - a localization feature that is vital, particularly for numerous Slavic languages. This will lead to more flexible and natural GUI labels.

New properties and methods

Many existing elements gain additional behaviour, properties and methods. Double-clicking a tree cell and editing it straight away is a good example. The until-now rather experimental property "spellcheck" is now stable and will help implementing spell-checking in textboxes of the html editor and other fields.

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