TV Markíza (CME group) - from Joomla back to Cyclone3

Published 2008-02-12 in Solutions by jondrusek


TV Markíza of the CME group is the leading private TV station in Slovakia, which keeps its first place in viewer share. It is also among the 10 most visited Slovak online portals. The requirements were a steady content management system used by several authors and editors, a multimedia portal with user communities, discussions, videos, advanced statistics and a news portal.


This environment requires optimization and efficiency. The portal requires immediate response times and fast content generation. Database queries are speed-optimized and database requests themselves are cached, so often no query has to be made and the application queries the memcached daemon instead. This improved load times dramatically - in an environment where every second counts.

  • Streaming flash video with text ads included (JW Media Player modified)
  • Cyclone3 scaled on over 10 servers
  • Introduced memcached use - optimizing database connections
  • MySQL master-slave replication
  • Flash-based Jabber chat client connected to Cyclone3 user management

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