Cyclone3 e-shop based on IS SPIN

Published 2008-03-18 in Solutions by jondrusek

It has now become a standard to be able to appeal to new customers in the on-line environment. Therefore a solution combining traditional distribution channels with e-business of B2B and B2C types is required.

Cyclone3 E-shop fully integrates Datalock's economic information system SPIN by communicating directly with an Oracle database. This enables on-line communication of the customer with the SPIN system without requiring any human intervention (the business processes, namely warehouse management, logistics, invoicing and system of payments). The solution is attractive for the client, in particular, the client was not required to make any changes to the existing SPIN system.

According to Roman Fordinál, Comsultia ltd., the speed of implementation and development of this solution for a company called Proelektro has proved the quality and openness of Cyclone3 applications, knowledge of the newest trends and high skills of the developers. The final solution was an integration of Cyclone3 CMS, Cyclone3 E-shop and Datalock's SPIN by Comsultia.

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