This page containt list of contacts to Cyclone3 developers. You can freely contact anonymous developers community or the core of developers from Comsultia.

Developers Community

This the preffered way when you want to ask to development, features, report bug or just ask to anything about Cyclone3 Framework and Cyclone3 XULadmin projects.


Contact online developer on channel #cyclone3 at


We would like to invite you and everyone interested in Cyclone3 to this mailing list. All development and user feedback should be discussed here as all information can be searched and anyone can reply to questions asked. Just subscribe! Btw: you can send emails to this mailinglist without registration.

This mailinglist is used primary by core developers to track all changes in Cyclone3 (svn commit messages) and track all requests submitted at You can subscribe if you are very interested in Cyclone3 development. Just subscribe!

Core developers from Comsultia.

Mail to: or

Contact page:

Jakub Ondrušek - Cyclone3 lead developer
Roman Fordinál - managing director @ Comsultia

If published informations are not helpfull, something is missing or wrong, please report. Thanx for contribution.
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